Tires and roads

When I left for the North I was very much aware that a spare tire is a must. One hears so much about the Dalton Hwy and all those tires that blow. What I did not imagine is that the back roads of British Columbia can be equally demanding. After two weeks and 4500 km into my journey my Yokohamas are basically coming to an early demise. I still hope that I can make it to Fairbanks, but I am definitely trying for some other tires! Thinking that my Yokohamas, are not even one year old and that I am not even a quarter through my journey makes me think again what tire consumption rate I have – at the moment it does not look pretty! So if you ever try a backcountry adventure make sure that you have tires that can cope with gravel roads (even when I was told these tires are good ones, but I am not entirely sure for what… maybe for the weekend traffic in Vancouver). For the moment I will try to drive my semi-slicks on some rally roads … it can go good for only so long!

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