of mung beans and mice

A friend of mine told me about the benefits of having sprouted mung beans on a journey such as mine and so I tried it out. After three days of nurturing them they turned into sprouts and man are they delicious .. and this coming from a carnivore. However, not only me seems to have a taste for those precious little sprouts, but also a different species with rather sharp teeth and some dark little eyes. It was exactly those innocent little eyes that I spotted when I went to bed at Clements lake, North of Stewart. At first I thought I am starting hallucinating (and was even more convinced of the vitamins in the mung beans), but I ultimately went to bed just in the hope that no rodent will eat through my car wiring. The next morning I told my neighbors about it and they confirmed that they had mice in their cars, but rather common in places such as Arizona… well this is a long way. In any case I set off and had a break at one of those many pull-outs .. driving is tiring, after all. I dozed off and after a great little nap I was ready to go again… but the car was not!! Somehow it would not start and so the horror pictures of a mouse gnawing through my precious copper wires came back in an instant. I went into overdrive and emptied my car of all my stuff. The lid of the mung bean glass showed significant traces of gnawing and there were mouse droppings all over the place – but no mouse! So I put everything back into the car and hoped that the mouse escaped all this commotion, and so I tried to start the car once again. The car started to behave, actually turned over and off I went. However, to make sure that the mouse won’t be an issue anymore I bought some mouse traps and cheese at my next stop in Clease Lake. I put it all in place the next night, but no catch the next morning. Now, after couple more days, there still seems to be no mouse and I have not seen any droppings yet – so I guess the blind passenger left indeed, while I enjoy the first sprouts of my mung beans on this lovely Sunday morning at the hot springs south of Warm Bay close to Atlin.


  1. Mario

    August 20, 2016 at 8:24 am

    You don’t like to have Micky with you huh 🙂

    1. Jan Pfeifer

      August 21, 2016 at 4:10 pm

      Yep, no Mickey, but I am now wondering if it was a mouse at all, or rathere a squirrel…after all I have seen plenty of those but no mice…

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