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The last week brought me to a lot of great places that however lacked the necessary Internet connections to share my impressions. While the Denali national park with its wildlife (I saw grizzlies, cariboo, moose and dall sheep) and Prince William Sound with its glaciers were definitely two high points of the trip, I always looked forward to see the aurora borealis. Finally it revealed itself while I was awake at the Kennicott glacier. The wavering bands of green hues were an impressive feast, especially with an background of glaciers and the big dipper. The only drawback was that my camera did not really put it all into focus,… so put on your fuzzy logic glasses on and enjoy the picture.

The colder temperatures also make my little Suby acting up. At times it does not want to start or the check engine light comes on.. but a little processor reset works wonders. The tires are also not entirely out of the picture, but I have the feeling they might be less off an issue since I did some more weight balancing within the car – but I probably need new tires yet again before I head home.

Getting back to the intermittent internet connection and blog posting – they won’t get more frequent anytime soon – especially since I am trying to head for the Aleutian islands. I am still hoping to get my travel map together, to share the route I am taking, but it seems I am not as computer literate as I wish.


  1. Peter Joseph Brancato

    March 2, 2017 at 5:05 pm

    I have read the aurora borealis can sometimes be seen as far south as the state of Texas. I saw them once. It was amazing. I saw them in my hometown of Buffalo, NY. A friend and I had read that they were supposed to be visible this one night, so we went to a remote field, lay on our backs and waited until the small hours without seeing them at all. We went home. Then next evening, while packing a car for a road trip at perhaps 10 pm we saw them in the city street.

    1. Jan Pfeifer

      March 2, 2017 at 6:34 pm

      I had a similar experience. I spent may nights waiting, and then right at Kennecott the sky lit up. It is pretty impressive, every time I see it.

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